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New Cabernet Release in 2020

2017 Longfellow Cabernet Sauvignon - Oakville - Renteria 360 Vineyard

As we are set to release our newest vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon, we have been asked many times why we decided to move the vineyard source from Coombsville to Oakville.  The simple answer is that through new winemaker Kale Anderson, we were able to access a one of a kind section of rows within a great vineyard.  However, a deeper dive portends that we were interested in a more serious effort with Cabernet and felt that Oakville and Renteria 360 along with Kale's stylistic leanings gave us the tools to attempt this effort.  I ran across a recent article in the Wine Enthusiast whihc I think really captures what is special about the Oakville AVA and frames our quest with our newly released Cabernet.  Hope you enjoy.


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